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OTT labs was founded in 2009. We have started working together as a team of the professionals since 07/2009 We have been projecting, developing, maintaining and supporting private OTT/IPTV/IPMT software for 6 years! OTTLabs is a state of the art multiscreen application solution, which enables TV operators, media
companies and broadcasters to launch full-featured digital entertainment services quickly and efficiently across multiple connected devices: 
PCs, Mobiles, Tablets, Smart TVs, Game Consoles and Set-top-Box. OTTLabs provides a comprehensive set of technologies covering end-to-end (full spectrum) of OTT TV market. OTTLabs white-label platform offers solutions to deliver linear and on-demand TV content  through a variety of devices allowing clients to host, publish, manage, monetize, and analyze video content. Management team with over 150 years experience in OTT and TV technologies